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WedgeDog Vise

The Cordless Workshop WedgeDog Vise

WDV2  $44 each  (Includes $5 toward shipping*)

The WedgeDog Vise is made for use with those worktops that have 20mm dog holes laid out in a 96x96mm grid. This would include the Festool MFT/3, the Stanton Bench, a custom worktop made using the ParfGuide System , any or other drilling guide.

The WedgeDog Vise can accomodate workpieces limited in size only by your worktop. The vise is comprised of three parts; the Fixed Wedge, the Moving Wedge, and the Fence.

Both the Fixed Wedge and the Fence have a pair of 20mm dogs on their underside which are inserted into the worktop dog holes. The dogs will accept an 8mm threaded bolt or knob to secure the piece to the worktop if desired. A knob or bolt is not required to use the WedgeDog Vise for most applications.

The vise sections are 18mm (0.708 inches) thick. The dogs are 18mm long and do not protrude below the MFT worktop. This allows the vise to be secured to the worktop from the underside using an 8mm threaded knob or a bolt and washer. You can use the Festool 8mm knob, one of our M8 Modular Knobs (more information below), or any 8mm knob of your choice.

Capacity of the vise is set by the spacing between the Fixed Wedge and the Fence. The Fence has two positions which allow you to change vise capacity in 50mm increments. The Moving Wedge has a usable range that exceeds that 50mm adjustment and by combining the two the vise capacity is limited only by the size of your worktop.

Please watch YouTube video to see how easy the Wedgedog Vise is to use.

Fixed Wedge
Moving Wedge
AnchorModular Knob Kit

MK2 $14 each  (Includes $3 toward shipping*)

The Cordless Workshop Modular Knob Kit includes two of our knobs designed to work with either M8 or 5/16" hardware.

The knobs can be configured to have a threaded stud by inserting a bolt or as a tapped knob to thread onto a stud or bolt by inserting a standard size M8 or 5/16" hex nut.

The bolt or nut is a snug fit in the knob and will not fall out under normal use. Provided with each knob are three caps. Two are labeled as either M8 or 5/16", and the third cap has a through hole to allow a stud or bolt to pass through the knob. These are press fit into the knob and can be easily removed. This allows the knob to be changed from one use or thread to another in less than a minute. 

You can also make the size permanent by using a drop or two of CA glue to fix the cap on the knob. Once you do that it will never come apart and will not be reusable. Our advice is that this only be done if you are sure you will not want to change the use in the future.

This 10 piece Modular Knob Kit includes the following:
  (2) Knobs
  (2) Caps marked M8
  (2) Caps marked 5/15"
  (2) Caps with through holes
  (2) M8-1.25 x 16mm 18.8 SS HH Bolts

The kit includes two M8 x 16mm HH bolts but you can use other M8 or 5/16" hardware that you supply. This flexibility allows you to create a knob with any length thread and easily change at any time to a longer or shorter length or from 5/16" to M8 and to whatever thread pitch you need.

The supplied M8 x 16mm bolts are perfect for use on a 18mm or 3/4" thick worktop such as the Stanton Bench, the Festool MFT/3, or any similar thickness worktop with 20mm dog holes. For thicker worktops all you need do is obtain the required length bolt.

You don't need a drawer full of 8mm and 5/16" knobs any more, you only need The Cordless Workshop's Modular Knob Kit.
10 Piece Modular Knob Kit
Works with 5/16" and M8 nuts and hex head bolts.
Modular Knob shown with user supplied 5/16" bolt.
Modular Knob shown with user supplied M8 hex nut.
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