My Cordless Workshop is my small basement shop that augments my garage shop. In the Winter when it's too cold to work in the garage I continue my woodworking from in this space working with mostly cordless power tools since there limited power available and I do not wish to add additional power outlets.

Also located in my basement are my CNC and 3D printer but they are not part of the Cordless Workshop. I don't have room for them there.

I have several items for sale I developed to satisfy a specific need in my shop and items which can improve the work process or add functions and features to existing tools. Some of those items that may be of use to others I sell here and on my Facebook page. This includes my growing line of router adapter kits for using various routers with the Festool LR32 Hole Drilling System.

You can find those items for sale here on the Products page. ORDERING NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.

Information about my projects and products is also on Facebook and my YouTube channel.

If you have something you need printed using the FDM print process and are in the area we offer Print On demand and design services. ​​​​​​​PRINT ON DEMAND SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.

Please email us with the particulars of your project so that we may quote.

Thanks for stopping by,

Bob D.