I designed these adapters to allow the use of popular routers with the Festool LR32 Drilling System. The adapters and accessories are printed using a high quality FDM 3D printer.

These LR32 Adapter Kits let you quickly mount and dismount your router from the Festool LR32 Guide Plate allowing you move from boring shelf pin holes to edge or pattern work in less than a minute. You can leave the adapter plate on your router full time if you wish. 

All kit purchases are made from the Order Page.

There are presently five versions available.

Choose the LR32 Adapter Kit to fit your router:
  • DeWalt 611 & 600b or Porter-Cable 450PK
    with plunge base
  • Makita RT0701C or XTR01C with 196094-2 plunge base
  • Porter-Cable 690 Series mid-size routers
    with 6931 plunge base
  • Milwaukee 5615/5616 series mid-size routers
    with plunge base
  • Porter-Cable 890 series router with
    model 8931 plunge base

All the above kits include the following:
  (1) Adapter plate for your model router (see above)
  (1) LR32 Rocker Pin Lockout
  (2) M6 Fluted Knobs

Adapters are available to mount and center any of the routers listed above on the Festool LR32 Guide Plate and allow you to bore shelf pin or cup hinge holes the same as when using the Festool OF1010 or OF1400 routers. 

The DeWalt LR32 Adapter Kit fits the following routers:

  •   DeWalt DCW600b compact cordless router
  •   DeWalt DWP611 corded compact router
  •   Porter-Cable 450PK compact corded router

  All three of the above routers share the same plunge base.

The Makita LR32 Adapter Kit fits the Makita 196094-2 Plunge Base which is compatible with the following Makita routers:

  • RT0700CX3 1-1/4 HP Compact Router
  • RT0700C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router
  • RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router
  • RT0700CX3 (Type 1)
  • RT0700CX3 (Type 2)
  • RT0701CX3
  • RT0701CX7
  • XTR01T7

The Porter-Cable Adapter Kit fits the following routers.

  •   Porter-Cable 690 Series Router with 6931 plunge base

The Milwaukee LR32 Adapter Kit fits the following routers:

  •   Milwaukee 5615 with model 48-10-5600 plunge base
  •   Milwaukee 5616 with model 48-10-5600 plunge base

 With the included LR32 Rocker Pin Lock you can use any of the above routers mounted on the Festool LR32 guide Plate. The Rocker Pin Lock disengages the pin to the LR32 Guide Plate allowing your router to glide smoothly along the rail to create dados, sliding dovetails, or perform other linear routing operations while making use of any Festool guide rail of any length.

To use your DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Makita, or Milwaukee router with the 8mm shank bits included with the Festool LR32 Drilling System you will need an 8mm collet.

These are available from several sources, but I have found the Elaire Corporation offers quality US made collets for many routers at reasonable prices. You can find them here.

If you will be using bits other than the Festool 8mm shank bits and centering guide you may wish to also obtain one of my optional centering guides which are available to fit both 1/4" and 1/2" collets.

They will center your router on the opening in the Festool LR32 Guide Plate. You can choose to include one or both centering guides on the order page.

DWLO - DeWalt Plunge Base Lockout Kit

The DeWalt Plunge Lockout Kit will let you temporarily disable the lockout function on the plunge base used by DeWalt or Porter-Cable compact routers, so the router moves freely up and down. This eases the task of boring multiple shelf pin holes when using the LR32 Drilling System.

It mounts beween the knob and the router base by removing the single screw that attaches the knob to the base and inserting the Plunge Lockout between them. Use the longer screw provided in the kit to secure the knob and Plunge Lockout to the router base.

If you prefer you can purchase the Control Grip with Plunge Lockout and replace the knob completely.

An advantage to using the Plunge Lockout is you can keep your hand positioned on top of the router and apply force straight down on the router in line with the bit in the same manner as is done with Festool routers. This reduces the chance of the router boring the hole at a slight angle which is possible when an off-center force is applied at the plunge base handles. 

This also frees up one hand to operate the Rocker Lever on the Festool LR32 Guide Plate so you can smoothly advance to the next hole to be bored. Watch the video on the right to see how the system all works together.


Installation instructions for all LR32 Guide Plate Adapter Kits.

Download the LR32 Adapter Instruction Sheet
LR32 Guide Plate adapter for DeWalt and Porter-Cable Compact Routers
Porter-Cable 690 Series Adapter Base
Milwaukee 5615/16 Series Adapter Base
Plunge Lockout kit for DeWalt and Porter-Cable Compact Routers
Control Grips shown on DeWalt and Makita routers.

AnchorA Word About The 3D Print Process

These kits and made from 3D printed parts as such may have minor visual imperfections. All items are printed on a high quality FDM printer using PLA, PLA+, or PETG plastic. 

All 3D printed items are carefully inspected and any item that does not pass inspection is discarded and reprinted.

FDM Printers 'build' items in layers from bottom to top. On close inspection visual layer lines will be visible. These layers are usually 0.15 to 0.20mm (0.006" to 0.008") high and barely visible, but they are present. The 3D printing process does not create a 'smooth as glass' surface but it can come close.

We run a print on demand shop and try to keep a small quantity of popular items on the shelf to eliminate delays in shipping out orders. But there are times when stock does not keep up with demand. 

Your order will be processed and shipped as soon as possible once placed and paid for. If the requested items are not in stock your order will be added to the print queue and your part(s) printed in the order received.

Some items take many hours to print, and your print job may wait as long as 24 hours after it is placed in the print queue before it begins printing. Most orders ship the next business day after they are printed.

If you have questions, please email us before placing the order.