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Miscellaneous Prints
The items listed on this page don't fit with other products we have for sale.

All are available for purchase using PayPal the same as my other products.

Some prices include shipping and for some shipping is extra. For items that include shipping the amount of your purchase that is applied toward shipping may not cover the entire cost of packaging and shipping the item. I try to keep shipping as low as possible and where possible with orders for multiple items shipping costs may be combined and the difference will be refunded to you. This will not happen in every case. 

I operate a Print On Demand service in addition to the products listed on this site. If there is something you need such as an obsolete part or you need something custom made possibly I can help. Please email or use the Contact Us form on this website.

Also please review our notes on the 3D Printing Process below and what you can expect.

A Word About The 3D Print Process

These are 3D printed parts and as such may have minor visual imperfections. All items are printed on a high quality FDM printer using PLA, PLA+, or PETG plastic. 

All 3D printed items are carefully inspected and any item that does not pass inspection is discarded and reprinted.

FDM Printers 'build' items in layers from bottom to top. On close inspection visual layer lines will be visible. These layers are usually 0.15 to 0.20mm (0.006" to 0.008") high and barely visible, but they are present. The 3D printing process does not create a 'smooth as glass' surface but it can come close.

We run a print on demand shop and try to keep a small quantity of popular items on the shelf to eliminate delays in shipping out orders. But there are times when stock does not keep up with demand. 

Your order will be processed and shipped as soon as possible once placed and paid for. If the requested items are not in stock your order will be added to the print queue and your part(s) printed in the order received.

Some items take many hours to print, and your print job may wait as long as 24 hours after it is placed in the print queue before it begins printing. Most orders ship the next business day after they are printed.

If you have questions, please email us before placing the order.

Magnifying Lamp Pivot Bracket
I don't know the true name for this part but it's the fitting on a desktop magnifying lamp holds the lamphead on the arm.

These lamps clamp to the side of your tabletop. The original cast metal part appears to be made from a cheap pot metal and both halves cracked as you can see in the photo.
So I modeled and printed a replacement as this lamp is over 10 years old and no idea who to contact to get a replacement part if one is even available. I have found similar lamps for sale on Amazon and other websites, but I have no way to determine where this lamp came from. 

The replacement has been working fine. How long it will last I can't even guess. I printed it using PLA+ filament. It may hold up better than the original part since the plastic is more forgiving than the brittle cast metal used by the manufacturer.

The stem on this lamp head is 8mm in diameter and the cross bolt that clamps the lamp to the arm is 6mm. When assembled over the stem the width of the pieces is 13.5mm or 0.530".

If you need one and feel this might work for you then drop me a line with a photo of your lamp. Maybe we can get you back up and running. If you are confident this will fit your lamp then please place an order but at this price there are no returns for this item.

The pair of parts is $9.99 which includes $2 toward
the cost of shipping to US States only.

If you need more than one you can adjust
the quantity in your shopping cart.
If you are not located in one of the 50 US States
this item is not available to you. Sorry.

Replacement printed parts fitted in place.